Global president-level leaders of Deshen International Club visited Baolu for guidance

2019-02-15 09:30:28 Zhejiang Baolu Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. Viewd 852

On the afternoon of October 21, 2018, the global president-level leaders of Deshen International Club visited Baolu shares for guidance. As the vice-chairman unit of Jiaxing Deshen International City Club, all employees of Baolu Group welcome all guests to come with the most sincere enthusiasm.

First of all, led by the company’s chairman and general manager Mr. Li Qiuen, all the visiting guests came to the company’s product exhibition hall to fully understand the different types, functions, and uses of Paul’s flexible packaging films and bags.

Immediately, Mr. Li led the visiting guests into the company’s production workshop in an orderly manner, and explained the product production process, production line capacity, production equipment, etc. one by one. So far, the group has a more in-depth and detailed understanding of Baolu shares. .

The event was successfully concluded. Mr. Li and all the visiting guests took a group photo together to commemorate the visit of every guest and friend, as well as the continuous attention to Baolu shares in the future!